They want to put my cocky PIC on the cover of my business success book.

:roll: No way.

Here is what is currently is:

Nobody take this personally, but I vote neither one.

I’ll be you model for free :slight_smile:

CMI shirt, hat and Khaki tactical pants :slight_smile:

Just send the crew here to shoot .

Take about 5 minutes if the light was right.


Resistance is futile :slight_smile:

Mike, send me that PIC. I’m going to put it on my book cover.

Nick you got the Mike Holmes look down pat. Just get some coveralls.

I vote for this guy:

Don’t give our staff any stupid ideas. :roll:

I like it .
Reminds me of Mr Clean if he had hair.

Wait I thought you said success…lol


Nick you do remember how to create a survey here ? :slight_smile:

If you want it I’ll do it tomorrow Saturday, I’ll send in original size. Who do you want me to send it to and do you just want raw images and let your guys do whatever editing is needed? Got any background ideas? Brick, Bush or Ocean? I even just got a haircut :slight_smile:

I think this is much cockier…