anyone know what the thingy is called (the copper line right side of pic) and whats its purpose is?.

Water source for a Humidifier. If the end is caped properly it is just fine.

Can also supply a fridge waterline at 1/4 inch.
may be something else as well.

Basically it is a saddle valve.

Yes I do.

Why are you posting a pic that does not belong to you? :roll:

How do you know that ?

Its not his.

Just ask him.

What is your problem Michael, do you want every Ontario Hi to hate you.

Its not his pic.

Wanna bet?

Who cares!

I do, just like I care when you post false and misleading information.

Get it?

There’s a compression fitting to copper tubing, which can serve a multitude of things. What’s it feeding?

I guess if this isn’t a photo you took yourself, you wouldn’t be able to answer that. Is it your photo?

no its not my photo…never claimed it was. It was sent to me by a real estate agent who asked me what it could be, I said i didn’t know without seeing it in person and where it leads, but said I would try and find out

Nice try.

Its fine that it is not yours but you should always include that in your post.

I found a copy of it over a year old.

What say you?

It is probably to prime the floor drain trap that is nearby.

Kirk you need to learn how to explain situations in this business.

He posted a picture and asked a question.

Never said anything about being his, on his inspection or anything…

Damn man, why is it your so hell bent on getting everyone to dislike you?

A simple honest disclosure is best for everyone.

Why are you sticking your nose in here Rusty?

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whew! I know it’s not me, Wayne, I’ve ALWAYS been one!!:|.)


Civil Engineering Technologist

This is what made me look twice… :-0

‘Thingy’ thats called marketing… made you look David… lol