Think there was a permit?

Came acroos this little gem today during my afternoon inspection. The pictures are not all that great because I couldn’t get back far enough to capture everything in one shot.

The home is listed as having two bathrooms. There is the main bathroom on the second floor with a whirlpool tub and a shower stall with two independent shower control valves and heads installed.

This is the supposed second bathroom below. Off to the left is the toilet. To the right is the sink, radiator, exposed exhaust fan, and open junction boxes for light fixtures. Overhead there was a standard light fixture with an exposed incandecant light bulb. Notice there is a shower head and mixing valve on the wall as you walk in and there is a floor drain installed. The door was just a standard wood door that they glued on mirrors. This was some Harry Homeowner’s idea of putting in a second “bathroom” in order to raise value to the home. The exterior of this fine piece of craftsmanship was constructed completely out of plywood and caulk that has been painted over with latex interior paint.

Every once in a while you get a good laugh in this line of work…LOL!

I suppose it’s a solution to the question of: Is it okay to pee in the shower?