Main Panel in Shower

Bathroom Shower installed in a Basement.

There were tileboard panels secured with mirror fasteners over an access door to the Main Panel on the Left and the HVAC Oil Furnace on the right.

Unbelievable!! :shock:

Good grief :frowning:

You have GOT TO BE KIDDING!!! Wow.

Deal Killer Joe. :smiley:

At least in picture #2 you can see the fancy crome telephone so you can call 911!!!

Evolution at its finest!

How did you find the panel? Wow!!!

Is the main breaker GFCI protected? :slight_smile:

Or should we be asking IF there is a main?

Looks like a shower head to me!

Beautiful shower! To bad they really got the location wrong!!!

Shocking, If It Had Not Been A Different Color It Would Be Hard To Notice.

I had to look at this several times, thought it was an optical illusion since who in their right mind would ‘approve’ of this? Was this an addition for the mother-in-law to live (or die) in?


Joe …what language did you use in the report?

I guess it’s safe to say that a permit wasn’t issued for this project. “Location, Location, Location…”

I know why this happens because the temptation is to do exactly the same in my house. Where to locate a bathroom in an unfinished basement is often determined by the plumbing. My unfinished basement has pipework for a bathdrain and vanity drain located very near the panel. It all depends on where the main sewer line in the house is located. Of course, now I have seen this, the area around the panel will become a seperate room.

Just wanted to add a small sense of reason to the madness. Check where your sewer line is in relation to your panel.


That would explain if a ‘novice’ like a desperate home owner installed it. If a contractor even touched this, I would hope someone sued him out of business. :wink:


Job was Submitted, Approved and initially Permitted by the Municipality.

Work was initiated, installed and completed by Contractors.

Seller relayed that the performance of the work did result in litigation.

Details of who was involved, when the work began and what occurred after completion are sketchy.

Well, if the electric water heater blows a breaker, you don’t have to get out of the shower to turn it back on!!!

It might improve the gene pool.