This 1-day home inspection event in Southern California may be worth flying to.

We just made this event free.

Wait a minute a new book and I did not get to review it? :frowning:

Nobody reads your reviews anyway, so quit begging for FREE stuff!

Ya they do. I was just busting Nick’s balls. Worry about your own sorry self.

If I were begging it would be for tickets to the event and hotel stay. When I beg it is for BIG stuff.

My understanding from your Floridian peers on this MB is it all begins with a “nickel”. :shock:

Do not forget the gun they refer to…

A sweet Ruger SR 556/223

The take down will be my next one :slight_smile:

Kind of simular to this one.

Looks (seems) like most of the “Presenters” are also “vendors” and much of the same old garbage…

These events need to change…just my 2 cents


Well, flying would be nicer than sitting in traffic for 2 hours. :stuck_out_tongue:

Traffic 2 hours is my worst Nightmare. For real, just sitting gridlock type.

I agree. Same ol’ same ol’. Just another “event” to sell inspectors more stuff.

Just a suggestion, next time in So Cal pick a beach city. :smiley:

Exactly ! and listening to some peoples “Theories” on how to make it in Their opinions…LOL, most of which is useless or simply common sense.


I go for the face time with fellow inspectors. If you do fly in, fly in to Ontario airport. You could practically walk to the venue.

The presenters, even if vendors, mostly provide business marketing and success tips. Yes, they also sell products/services… as do the attendees (home inspectors). Everyone there is a business person.

Vendors create real products and services that make inspectors money, and then explain how to use them to make even more money. I’m all ears.

If you want free motivational quotes, look them up online.


Some of the speakers I want to see.

Some of the speakers I’ll be in the lobby or parking lot for. :wink:

That’s a nice way of putting it, and I agree with Ian.

I also want to meet Russel Ray. I haven’t seen him in a decade. He busts his butt for InterNACHI members.

Is Russel going to be there?

That will be worth the drive alone.