I'm doing an Inspection Success Seminar in Toronto August 14th.

I’ll have a venue soon. See ya all there. Buckle up for this, it’s going to be a fast and furious one!

I’m looking forward to it Nick!!!

Any on line study links to the seminar?
TORONTO IS TOO FAR at this time of the year.

Putting it on my calendar right now:)

Terry, where are you?

August 14th is a Thursday BTW.

see you there Nick

Did you say a free seminar Nick. :wink:

to hear Nick speak is free, the cost for nachos is 36.50 at montana’s bar and grill, Oh and don’t forget the Corona’s


Have you picked out the location?

Corona’s and Tequila brother!:cool:

And lots and Lots. Looking forward to it, hey next month for sure at the next thermal course

This sounds great. Marking my calendar as well. Keep us posted.

Done, call me!

Count me in!


Aww come on Terry!!!
I used to walk this distance to school and home , uphill both ways in three feet of snow carrying four of my siblings on my back every day! Peice of cake man!:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
I have the date marked!

You forgot barefoot.

Bill Mullen:twisted:

Good news. I’ll be joined on stage by my counterpart over at Millionaire Inspector Community, Mike Crow http://www.nachi.org/mikecrownachitv2008.htm

And yes, this Inspector Success event will be free, and no we’re not selling anything. Just a great show for all inspectors… leave your association affiliation at the door.

I already bought my plane tickets. Just trying to find a location now.

That’s my birthday, Nick. I look forward to it.

Bill Mullen: Do you want some floor time to discuss NCP or anything?