This blew me away

Had a bathroom vent stack leaking water in the attic when I first saw this I am thinking JEEEZ if the water is that high I am in deep Sh!!:wink: The horizontal offset was sloped a little downward creating a mini trap rainwater and or condensate was leaking from the glue joint on the bottom of the 90 going vertical I was just not expecting this. Something new every day Gotta luv it


What was that slinky servicing?

Fart fan:shock:

Sorry I asked…

Don’t you have to insulate fan ducts to prevent condensation and dripping?

I guess it depends on your geographical location, here no. :smiley:

Have you ever seen snow and ice there?

Marland must be in the cold/freezing zone of the midwest. Hell, I’ve seen frozen mudpuddles in Dallas in january.

We used to tuck them into the blown insulation, at a minimum, to prevent that.

I’ve seen water totally plugging the plastic flex pipe where it sagged creating a trap…so much so that the fan just labored.

Not here Brian we have not caught up with the rest of the world. Local AHJ allows bathroom exhaust to discharge into the attics along with the kitchen exhaust. Dryers are the only requirement to the exterior. Dumb yes. Many years ago I use to write up the kitchen and bathroom exhaust when discharging into the attic have long since given up fighting city hall.

The slinky in my pic terminiated just outside of the pic frame it went no where the house was a 05 model the builder had been living in it until it sold