This cracks me up

One or more plumbing vent pipes terminate less than six inches above the roof surface below. Debris or snow may block openings, and may result in sewer gases entering living spaces. A qualified contractor should evaluate and make repairs as necessary so vent pipes terminate at least six inches above roof surfaces.

This is from a report done on a S Florida home. I love the mention of snow.

And, I, even know who did it!;-):wink:
You have to remember Bill, it was “cold” that day!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

You should have seen the rest of the report. The house had a 20 year old tar and gravel roof on it. The inspector said to budget for replacement, or get a licensed roofer to give a 5 year guarantee on it. Talk about wimping out when it needs a new roof!! Makes you want to pull your hair out (if you have any to pull)

I have!
It is quite amusing, but sad at the same time.

Regarding the snow comment, I almost forgot, it did snow here in 1976! Maybe that is what he was referring to. All of those flurries may clog the vent stack!:):slight_smile:

That sounds like the idaho template for HIP. Crap, did I leave that in there again?

Well, lets word our findings so that we don’t ruffle any feathers or jeopardize the sale or the commissions involved. That is the best way to ensure further refferals and more work in the future… right? And Bill don’t forget it may eventually snow heavily here in Fl. that is if Yellowstone blows up and we get a “nuclear” type winter due to the ash blocking out the sun.

Not you!:slight_smile:

Note to all users’s of canned report comments.

READ THEM before you use the. :roll:

What do you expect for $200.00?:mrgreen::mrgreen:

$200.00 + $450.00 For Repairs = $650.00 Inspection. :wink:

$450.00 for the wrecking ball?:shock::shock: