This explains quite a bit

Why buy flashing if you cant drive anyway.
Hey Dude! Pass the bud light. :smiley:

Think it was leaking??

Wouldn’t leak if you would have kept your finger out of it. :mrgreen::wink:

Carry some duct tape next time you go up Sean.

Sean is always sticking his fingers some where . And yes that is just being picky

:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: I didnt do it. It was like that already.

I never would have thought in a million years I would find a beer can used as flashing but guess I was wrong.

They should have used double layers like they did here.

Chris ,that looks as if it would jump right past the gutters during heavy rain.

Yep. Also created a hump in the first course of new roof.

As you can see the gutter guards are not serving their purpose, never do.

I recommended to remove the top drip edge.

Recommend increasing the ridge and see if it jumps 6 feet.

It also seems as though they can’t nail in a straight line! :shock: