Unprofessional roof repairs

First 3 pictures are from the report. Last 2 are from the client after reapirs were supposedly finished.Client wanted to know if it was done correctly. Area was leaking into attic,wood damage and flashing improper or non existent.Not Even Close

well looks like they just added a counter flashing behind the drip edge. Its an okay repair, should do the job if thats were it was leaking. I would have done it different. I would have removed the gutters and added aluminum fascia.

not sure if the tiny blob of silicone in the center is going to stop water from that area.

well heck after looking at the photos again, is there drip edge even there?

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Trying to go back and fix a design flaw is not fun.

The real flashing that makes the difference is going to be on the actual sidewall. That fascia and gutter should come off and flashing installed. Then, if you want to flash the fascia you can, but for what?

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Design flaw? I should say. Personally I think I would have boxed those areas under the eave and added siding and flashing all the way down to where those downspouts run to. Somehow put a small valley there to divert the water away from the peak of the roof. Just my 2 cents.

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Rainstorms we have here the water would run in the end of that roof vent even with the proper end cap.