Asphalt flat roof flashing

I inspected a flat roof the other day. The top layer of the roof appears to be roll on roofing felt. The flashing is covered in asphalt that is cracking. I’m thinking that there was a leak and somebody just smothered the all of the flashing is asphalt. But the roofing felt looks new. What do you guys think?

OK wheres the flashing and copings?:roll:

OBSERVATION: The roof, flashing and copings appear to be an uneconomically endeavor to repair.
RECOMMEND: A licensed roofer evaluate a new roof and metal.
I see no other alternative.

Was there a 55 gal drum of roof cement up there for weekly maintenance? Looks like some sort of roll roofing cap sheet cemented in place. I don’t think it is asphalt impregnated felt (who would do that). Defer to roofer for replacement IMO.

Seen this many times when I was in Chicago. Parapet walls are probably trashed. Suggest a mason to evaluate them.

That roof is shot.
Unprofessional installation and no parapet flashing.
Judging from the dip that thing must be ponding.

Never saw paint as flashing before…lol

Heck they even covered the internal scupper.
The granulated modified bitumen does not look too old.
(notice pictures are east and west)…shadows.

My friggin word. FUBAR

Where is the roof drain and scupper? Must be tarred over. :wink:

2nd & 3rd pix appear south facing 10~11ish by my mickey maybe nachi will create another non-merit badge for the directionless inspector, ymmv kemosahbee ;~))

defer to Joe for arbitration…been wrong before

& who really cares the roof & parapet are in need of desperate repair

It maters Sherlock (not) because it shows there is no end gutter.
Chicago has tons of these buildings and I do many of them.
Come on up and I will show you how to inspect the old ones you only heard about.

You can worry ‘only’ about the parapets if you wish but covering up a scupper will cause even more issues especially with that bad bitumen install.

Wake up on the wrong side of the Ranch ?


Robert I just thought it strange Barry was focused on east west vs north south when the point was about front and rear.
There was no gutter at the rear so my implication was that the roof may depend on a internal scupper system as we can visually see the depression where it might be located.
No reason for the man to focus on such a nit picky observation whether false or true in order to berate my helpful comments .

Hence : Did Barry get up on the wrong side of the Ranch.
(Meaning not many 100 year old rental buildings in Texas):wink:

Gosh, next someone will nit pick I spelled Matter with one "t"which I of course would never do.

Mr. Adair is an accomplished inspector as we all know.

Some my agree, while others not, about his ability to be zealot or over extend what he interprets.

We all learn from each other Bob so I recommend temperance and commendatory on the message board.

Best to you as always Bob.

I suspect in the Long star state of Texas there are scuppers as in this photo here from

It is a kick-out flashing as I was taught when I use to water tight suppers or Kick Outs in my hay day doing commercial roofing.

In Calgary Alberta a new crew member from Ontaio asked the foreman what they where called as I stripped the walls of a new church.
He came yelling at the worker to move his a s s as he took his foot and kicked through the newly moped felt.
In your images Bob the exits are blocked. The parapet at the deck is stripped over with 90 or 100 Lb granular impregnated felt. Looks like the lap joints are sealed with bitumen plastic or plastic cement.
NOTE: That is a sign of a roofing job not preforming.

He said to him, the new kid, “its a kick out ***!!!” So move your butt with the plys over the kick out, strip the dam thing instead of yapping, kick out the paper, and cut it into position. Now move!
Dam he went full boar all day after the kid that said he could roof. I just mopped and enjoyed the day. I had my share of that crap.

I can still remember the kids face as I chucked.
He dare not talk to me like that in my hay day. I use to throw 100 lb kegs of asphalt type 2 or 3 tar with one hand and stack 100 in an hour. In Alberta kegs of tar where octagon in shape and wrapped in cardboard. I was use to kegs in Quebec, they were cylinders, easy to grab at the base. Then came 50 lb. envelopes wrapped in a plastic. easy to manipulate.

Thanks for all of the useful info. I will be adding recs for the flashing and parapet walls to be examined by a roofer.

prove it from there
show any materials/mfr instructions that are properly applied differently because of a bldg age

you have no clue as to what i inspect

prove it from there

show any materials/mfr instructions that are properly applied differently because of a bldg age