This is going to change my life...

During the Christmas holidays, I was diagnosed as a Type-1 Diabetic.
This is after several weeks of strange (but now understandable) symptoms,
including enormous thirst (that couldn’t be satiated, no matter how much liquid I drank), blurred vision (to the point where I couldn’t read the street signs, even when on top of them!) and being very tired, from morning til night…
My wife decided to bring me in to our family doctor on the 28th of December, even though I was not convinced I needed to go. He took one look at me, and ordered both blood and urine samples, which quickly came back with super high sugar levels, and slight Ketones.:frowning:
He told me it was a good thing my wife brought me in when she did, otherwise I’d have probably gone into shock. He immediately prescribed daily insulin shots, one before meals, and once before I sleep.
The regimen includes 3 - 4 units of Novolog, injected with a FlexPen, and they are really cool, using simple/tiny needles. The night regimen is 15 units, again injected.
Now I’m a lot better, and after getting to know Type-1 diabetes more intimately, I’m getting used to the idea that I need to take insulin shots 3 times a day before meals, and one long lasting 15 unit shot before bed for nighttime coverage. For the rest of my life. :smiley:
Counting carbs is something new for me, and since I’m meeting a dietician this week (Tuesday) I hope to learn a lot more about balancing what I eat, and how I exercise, all to keep the levels stable.

I’d be interested in chatting with others who have what I have, and have been able to lead a somewhat normal life continuing to work as an inspector?
And for all my friends just now finding out about this, I apologize for being so lazy to get the word out.
I just did not have the strength to get online during the last few weeks, and update everyone.

Type II myself for the last 15 years, yes it will change your life, I am still on meds but will end up on insulin as I get older it takes more meds. Say good buy to the Big Mac, Whopper and Denny’s grand slam. I found it best to eat smaller meals 4-6 times a day.
Good luck

My grandmother, mother, and brother are diabetics, type II. A few tips, eat cinnamon. Helps regulate your sugar levels. Keep a food diary. You will see a trend on what you ate and how you feel.

Trade secret cinnamon is. We have used it for our horses for years during the early spring when the first sweet grass is coming on.

I have a best friend that uses it in his diet. He has been diabetic since 1985 and can now control it with diet. Much better than the daily needles.

Good luck.

Sorry to hear that Steve, my granddaughter has type one, since she was two.
She is almost seven now and has a pump instead of the injections. The pump is programmable so it delivers the insulin gradually instead of all at once. It’s delivered through a small catheter tube and has made a huge difference for her.
Hopefully you can get that instead of all those injections.

Thanks for the encouraging words folks.
I have heard about cinnamon, but haven’t put much stock in it, as of yet.
Not quite sure about quantity and frequency, beyond what I sprinkle on my english muffin half, with tea…

I’ll investigate the pump when I visit my doctor at the 3 month interval.
I have information on the Navigator (FreeStyle Lite brand of pump)
and am weighing that option. Sounds like the way to go…

My wife has been type 1 for 30 years. If she didn’t tell you she was diabetic, you wouldn’t know. She is on the insulin pump and loves it - there is no surge or drop in sugar levels (usually). She leads a normal life (except for being married to me) and stays active. You’ll be fine if you monitor your blood sugar levels. Hang in there.

Thanks Bill, its encouraging to hear that people can lead a somewhat normal life with this type of disease.

I worked with a guy that had the type that went up and down one day i went to a jobsite i saw his truck there and went in and no dino i looked around a bit and still no dino i thought there is a crapper outside he is busy about 10 mins latter i thought boy he should have been out of the crapper by now so i went for a search i found dino laying in his truck in a diabetic shock i called 911 they sent a ambulance and kept me on the line they asked me if i could get some suger into his mouth i stated he told me if he gos into one of these thing leave him alone and call 911 cause he will start swinging at you when you try to help he also told me he gave emps black eyes while in this shock. eat right watch your sugar intake remember there is sugar in more than you think follow your Dr plan read up on this you can live a normal life
stay well Ron

The daughter of a good friend of ours has Type 1 and has used the pump successfully for a couple of years now. She also prefers that over the injections.

As far as cinammon goes it is great on toast (wheat, not white) with a little bit of melted butter.

Wishing you the best.