Thanks Nick

After 2 car accidents this winter and being unable to do inspections, I was contacted by Nick and offered a free membership for a year to help me out. This goes above and beyond what you would expect from an association. I will be back to inspections shortly and every bit helps. From me and my family Thank You very much Nick Gromicko.

Nice one Nick…

Good stuff. You rock Nick

Great job Nick!

Excellent Nick.

Makes me proud to be a member of a stand-up organization like this.



Get better soon Jim!
Awesome gesture Nick!


Great move Nick!

Glad to read from you again James!

Best regards,

Nachi and Nick are there for you when you need assistance.

Great gesture Nick !

Hope you are back on your feet and recognising defects and deficiencies ASAP.
Best wishes to you and your family.

From all of us at InterNACHI. ,“***Remember I’m pullin’ for ya–we’re all in this together.***”

Nick, you are the king mate!

Jim, Hope all is going well with your recovery. Thought we’d lost you there for a bit. Once again InterNACHI shows that it is there to reach out a hand to help up those that need it.

Excellent job Nick.