This is the kind of thing that could ruin ...

… your entire afternoon.

Yep, no point in knocking on the door and asking if he is there…
Way to dangerous, they chose the best method it seems.

Excellent. Turns out that many of the local people in the neighborhood turned him in.

Here’s my analysis, with some help from a friend who is a Congressional aid.

  1. The Iraqi government was formed, had its Constitution and all, yet held out 3 powerful cabinet positions. Interior (controls police), Security and Defense.

  2. Government asks the Sunni leaders if they want to stop all this crap and join the gevernment.

  3. Zarkawi killed (SOG lazing the house while 2 F-18s drop lazer guided 500 lb. bombs). He was given up by the local Sunni leaders in the area through Jordanian agents. Zarkawi was killed 6:10 PM local (Iragi) time.

  4. News of the death was delayed for abiut 8 hours, during which time the Iraqi government announced that a Sunni was being placed in the Defense Minister’s job.

  5. Iran is just plain scared that a new Iraqi government will be hostile to Iran (remember the 6 year war with over 1 million killed?). With Shia the predominant people in the government, Iran will not be scared and will stop funding Hezbollah in Syria, which hurts Jordan. The Saudi’s want the whole thing to be stable as well (being Sunnis) and they as well as the Iraqi Sunni leaders are quelling the ‘insurgency’.

  6. The crucial thing is whether everyone is sane and signs on. In which case the U.S. will get out by year’s end. Funny, but the people who wanted the U.S. to stay were mostly the Sunnis. If the U.S. bugged out too soon, the Shia death squads would be unleashed on the minority Sunni.

Other thoughts?

The only sad thing is the bastard did not know it was coming so he did not suffer.

Yes William
I think we have not seen the future yet .
These people Are waring people have always been .
We are in where we should not be this I think escalate into a huge civil war and could last for along time .
This was originally The Persian State and still they do not get along with each other.
They only come together to fight a common enemy. When we get out they will continue as always . My feeling

Roy sr