This is why we walk the roof.

Realtor assured me the roof was recently re-shingled. From the ground it looks O.K. But after inspection, look whats discovered.

Ditto…over 90% of the time I find issues of which cannot be seen with binoculars.

Good catch.

Way to get up there and find that stuff!

good catch Ron. Many guys would have instantly disclaimed citing no ability to access the roof due to the snow.

Good find Ron…!!!

I’ve heard that once or twice in the past from both sellers and realtors. “You don’t even need to inspect the roof, it was just replaced a few months ago, here is the receipt”

That snow/ice scares me. One of those rare instances where I’d use this:

Excellent find Ron. Lucky for the buyer that the inspection was not the day after the snow fell. A real butcher job on that roof.

Congrad from the spiderman nice job I still think Gary and Now Nick who scares to easily needs a pair of pink ruffled panties to inspect roofs from the ground or some pole with a camera attached;-):shock:

Nice find Ron!