This message board broke an all-time record yesterday at 12:45pm.

576 registered users on it at once, January 24, 12:45pm.

Thats right about the time my internet connection slowed down.

Cool Beans!
It is good to see that our members are reaping the “Free” benefits of being a NACHI member.

I wonder how many “Guests” from other associations {ASHI, NAHI, NIBI, AHIT, ASPRIE} were on-line and were availing themselves of the wealth of information that we are providing to them?

“We are NACHI, resistance is futile!”

Thanks to all this has truely made me a better inspector:p :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

It Means We Are On Line Not Inspecting

Dont Ya Think

9,672 members with 576 on-line leaves 9, 096 Certified Inspectors to serve the public!

I Guess Your Right

I Was Serving

about 80% of the members never post though

so im sure business is very very slow nationwide and we are online for something to do

we should be out marketing