This picture just put me in a good mood

It’s so beautiful and awe inspiring!


Very cool also.



The first photo looks like my electric range element after cooking spaghetti-o’s :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you think of those builders out on a limb so to speak?

It makes me feel like hurling. Aaack.

:shock: Wow!


FYI, That last photo (Toronto I think) is not current. I would guess the '60s

Yikes on the pic of the guys eating lunch on the high plank.

It’s New York in the 40’s. Freaky eh?

Yep Cheryl, scared the crap outta me to look at the one on the beam. :shock:

I didn’t know they had “Canada Dry” in the states :shock: cool :slight_smile:


Are you sure it’s New York? I think Paul is correct, it does look like Toronto!

Take a look at this recent photo of what is Toronto and compare.

It’s better if I put them side by side. Same angle, makes me wonder.


I take it back It’s not Toronto Upon closer inspection.
Nice pictures Wendy,thanks for sharing them.

Looks like 1947 NYC to me. The Bishop’s Wife, Green Dolphin Street & Body and Soul were all released in 1947 and they are all advertised in the photo. Loew’s State Theater, on the left, was/is at 1540 Broadway in NYC. The Astor theater was on Lafayette, one street over from Broadway.


This photo is from the Toronto island of The city of Toronto. One more reason to be here for our convention May 2007!!

I like where you live, in the country,but I can only take it in small doses.The big city…well this is where I belong. It’s in my blood.

I enjoyed this…

Hand3 (Small).jpg

More here:

Awesome! Great pictures guys, and great history Michael! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Country Boy Here! Had a great Friday PM.

Went thru #1 to get to #2.



Gorgeous! Love it!

It’s Time Square in N.Y.C.