THE 1960s… Was a GREAT decade

while watcing push the pause botton to slow it down.

****THE 1960s……….

This is the one of the best presentations of the sixties that I have ever seen online. It’s done by an American, but it’s still relevant to Canadians. It is very well done. Just click on the link and sit back and enjoy the memories. Great photos and facts.

If you’re not quite old enough to have been there, feel free to pass it on to someone who was. It was a GREAT decade!!!****

The sixties](

I love it. Thanks, Roy.

Thanks Roy - Enjoyed watching while kicking back and enjoying a good cup of coffee…

Brings back some fond memories. Life was good!

LOL I had a 62 falcon We painted it lime green . The mean machine

I had the sky blue 1961 Falcon…with a hole rusted through the floor on the driver’s side. Great way to get rid of beer cans … but pretty unpleasant when driving through puddles.

did you love the vacuum wipers ? Mine had more body filler than metal .lol