This question does not have a correct answer - at least not for this test purpose

Taking the TX exterior FINAL test and came across this question:

Access openings must be a minimum of ___ inches high by ___ inches wide.

18, 22
16, 20
14, 16
15, 20

the answer should be 18,24

not any of the above fit that. Is there something I am missing?

This was in the Structural Issues for Home Inspectors Course- EDU-000-9368-35

Access to what? Attics? Crawlspaces? Very vague!

Since it’s an exterior class, I’ll assume that the context is crawlspace access.

Since it doesn’t specify whether the minimum is for access through a floor or through a perimeter wall, we’ll go with the smaller requirement of the two (i.e., the perimeter wall), which is 16x24 inches. That is per the IRC.

If you are taking a TREC exam. the TREC SOP does not specify a minimum crawlspace size, but only states that you are not required to enter a crawlspace or any other opening less than 18x24, but it never states that that is a minimum measurement or that you need to report as deficient an opening that is less.

Does that clarify things for you, considering neither of those answers are available for selection under the exam question?

From the course…

2 inches :|__)