Attic or crawl space access

What size opening is considered too small for inspector too enter attic or crawl space.

when you can’t fit in it





Just a bit too small



Always remember to bring several sticks of butter and a hungry bear with you for the tight spots.
The butter: You can geese yourself up and slide “in and out” of attic hatches or tight crawl spaces with ease.
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You have to be in the industry for years to know what to do.
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PS" I think Marcel’s answer is easier myself.

18 x 30 & 18 x 24

Per Florida CPCO: 20 x 22 for ceiling and 22 x 48 for vert.


You must have incredible dope up there in CA!

Pls PM me so I can find out the source.:slight_smile:

I hope you enjoyed.:slight_smile:

Here the state considers readily accessible as openings bigger than 18x24.

I know the opening as 16 x 20 minimum…
(yes, I used to be able to fit thru this size opening Inspecting Chemical Towers & Reactors…
(encapsulated with supplied air))

however that is defined as an OSHA Confined Space with Standby required…

If you employ Inspectors, you need to do more research in this area regarding attics and crawl spaces
for your own protection as well as those of your employees…

I’ve seen many standards for attics and crawls but have mosttly seen 16X24 for walls and 18X24 for floors and ceilings. Have also seen standard of 22X30 with 30" of headroom. I guess the first reply covers it for inspectors … “it’s too small when you can’t fit in it”.

Remember, an inspector does not have to enter an area if not accesable or deemed unsafe. Document it to CYA.