This should be fun, i was just accused by a realtor, a home inspector and a mason that

these 3 porch block walls did NOT need to be waterproofed and that I lied to homeowner, cheated her etc etc…lol! Realtor said the home inspector IS an an expert on this subject and so too is the mason and that she is pretty good on this subject as well although she did not call herself an expert, read that again lol

They claim and accused me, again, that these walls did NOT need to be waterproofed



the first video I took before homeowner asked us to do the waterproofing of the 3 walls… I cleary say some water/problems are above grade, such as openings in, around,under front door… why? Because of the water stains up high

and some minor tuckpointing needed, see scrapers

loloolll, I like TA share the good, bad n ugly when I get duh chance, dig?

I as always thoroughly explained to homeowner (seller), her RE agent, the one accusing me now is new agent for this house lol, that waterproofing the block walls was indeed necessary (see the fkkkg cracks hellllo) AND that the door threshold and minor tuckpointing must be done correctly to keep all water out of this room under porch AND, that ‘IF’ there is any sort of problem, water under slab in room, that would be/have a different problem/solution and has nothing to do with water coming through the multiple exterior cracks, cracked parging and nothing to do with the tuckpointing, door threshold… separate problem, sep–solutions, I do ONE lol.

She used to get 2 or more inches of water on floor down there, now she has a little dampness where floor meets the wall in 2 small areas, hmmmm, waterproofing the walls DID something cuz ya don’t get 2 or more inches of water in anymore!

But her mason and home inspector ‘experts’ lol, say I should NOT have recommended waterproofing and that It was not needed… oh my! This should be fun, I have two calls in with her RE office, sad I don’t have the mason or home inspector numbers

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loolloo hahahaa 2 supposed, self proclaimed experts say, these 3 porch walls did not need waterproofing, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhahahahhahahahahhahahahaa

yeeeeeeeeehaw, Oh Mr mason and Mr home inspector, what have you 2 been smoking? HUH?

I would immediately state to the expert realtor NOTHING can or will be considered, reviewed further until you get paperwork “reports” from these two nutz with their name, company, license numbers on it.
There will be no debate or further communication ~ thank you.
POOF! Case closed! :):cowboy_hat_face:


Good going, Mark! :joy:


I think they’re right Mark. They need replacing ! HAAAA HA HA HA

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EXPERTS? Realtor woman, i’ll even cough up her name, Nancy Robinson, says her 2 experts, a mason and home inspector said, the porch walls, the exterior cracks, the EXISTING defects/cracks did NOT need exterior waterproofing I should have never recommended it, wow! and she concurs with them, hence the call, fkkkg wow man loololollllllllllllllllll

I called the RE agent boss, lol, and she the boss is barely interested, has little time lol, doesn’t want to take few minutes n watch videos of the need for waterproofing, she says its is the agents opinion, I ask, doesn’t the agent represent YOU, your firm? sheesh

well they’ve had almost 6 hours now to watch videos and maybe I dunno, get back to me, it sure was a RUSH, a hurry up thing, we want answers now thing hours ago, u wanna pick a fight you better have ALL the fkkg pertinent information/facts before accusing ya big penis

Keep it up Mark, eventually some of these people will realize what and how makes these foundation leak and how the hell to fix them the right way. Proof is in the pudding, keep mixing. LOL

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With the mortar joints as wide on this old stone wall and a qualified mason filled with mortar and tucked pointed, would both filling the mortar joint & water proofing needed. Curious?

Ps, I know that small cracks can lead to leaks

stone? they are block foundation walls, slapping mortar on inside does nothing to keep water out, further deterioration on the outside… hollow-block walls, below grade, 6’ deep

You got that right, Marcel!

I’m kinda thinkin they are right there Bubba, how in the world are You going to fill the basement swimming pool if You waterproof that block from the outside ? You just deprived those fine folks of an indoor water feature…just sayin…


LOL! LOL! Jim :rofl:

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I’m confused here. Once I make a recommendation I could give a crap if they do it or not. I’m not gonna live there NOR if it leaks am I the one gonna get sued. Whats the problem. Say it and move on.


give recommendation on whether exterior waterproofing of existing multiple exterior cracks in f-wall was necessary? lolol

jimmmmmmyyyyyy Mc!! sup? loolooooooooooooooollllll

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First of all THIS SHOULD BE FUN!!!
So many of us Home Inspectors have vast experience in various trades on top of inspecting thousands of houses. Many of us are experts. You are 100% correct in your diagnosis. I try to to avoid the spirited discussions with the RE agents and others by presenting the evidence and letting them come to their own conclusions. For instance, large gaps in the masonry wall, elevated humidity in the area, elevated moisture content etc… etc…ect… winding up with these walls will need to be evaluated and repaired by a masonry expert. It really covers You and puts the ball in their court… Sometimes I have to “bite my tongue” especially if there is a know it all RE agent. Didn’t you just want to yell out, hey if you guys are such experts why did you call me."
Keep plugging… I could see I’d want you to inspect my potential property.


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