home inspector says add longer downspout ext's, drain tile

Really!!! Way to look out for your clients!
Maybe if some would learn wtf they need on this subject BEFORE they open their pie holes…
Ann Arbor Mich, block walls, an INTERIOR basement system was previously installed!@@#@!

Multiple cracks, step, horizontal etc. Some efflorescence and mold on some blocks. WHY? Because the stupid piece of shtt interior system did NOT ‘stop’ the water from entering the multiple exterior cracks in basement walls, azz holes!!!

He says nothing about the interior system (perimeter floor was busted out, replaced, an interior system duh!)

Here is the 2nd video, the outside and his RECOMMENDATIONS!@#@##$$!

… longer downspout ext’s, drain tile??? Really?

Eh, there are exterior cracks in the basement walls, THOSE are why and where water is entering and causing the mold/efflorescence on some blocks and…duuuuuh, adding ext’s/diverting some surface water a little further away and adding some stupid drain tiles is not was is needed here (and on many other homes just like this one).

The frigging walls need to be dug out, waterproofed and backfilled with all gravel. That’ll reduce the pressure against the walls and remove any possible underground roots, concrete and, freaking stop the water from entering!

The guy may be a very good HI but his recommendation here (and likely elsewhere) will only fk over the homeowner/buyer and possible his own azz

At the end he says, (by diverting some surface water further away–his recommendations) ‘any further deterioration should be pretty much halted’, no friggin way!
Eh Mr and Mrs inspectors, not only are there multiple exterior cracks but there may be 1 or more deteriorated/disintergrated exterior blocks like this…

An HI making recommendations on shtt he is NOT an expert on? Yep, happens a lot.

Well I will have to admit, telling someone how to fix structural cracking is definitely pretty special. That video would get an inspector in trouble quickly IMO
Seeing the wall was pushed in laterally, I would suggest a little more than a downspout extension. That would be some extensive repairs for that one.

but since you like to badmouth Mark, lets see how Kevin responds. This should make for an interesting thread. Time to go make some popcorn.

he also never said squat about the negative grade on the side of the home.

This isn’t badmouthing home inspectors to pass the time, or gas.

It’s about taking an occasional dump on ‘some’ home inspectors on this-subject when they don’t know wtf they’re talking about/recommending to homeowners. They are screwing over homeowners, bad incompetent info.
Somehow I’m the devil for bringing it up, well fk that.

Don’t know why some HERE can’t figure that out.

Negative grade? There ARE multiple cracks in the foundation walls, NOW.
That is why and where water enters often causing x-amount of mold or efflorescence etc on inside blocks.

Adding soil or pouring concrete (as some fairly often recommend) along–side a wall like this would only add more weight/pressure against a weakened wall.

There is ONE fix, one.
Already have the piece of shtt interior perimeter system that does NOTHING for the actual problems, causes.

Kevin? looooooool
Nah, send Nachi’s almighty Canada guy here, another who LIES like a mfr, especially if he hasn’t taken his daily 10 lbs of fkg heroin/meds.

This is also about giving homeowners the facts, what is best for them, their wall etc.
Just like i may bash ‘some’ HI’s on ‘this-subject’, I have and will continue to bash interior system companies because…agggggain, homeowners are getting lied-to, scammed.
And have repeatedly said, just because I may shtt on a HI on this subject doesn’t mean they are not a good inspector.
It’s just they haven’t armed themselves with most-all of the real friggin facts on this subject. Some think they know everything there is on this subject, can’t you SEE that? lool I guess… snot.

Shtt, why blame me for posting the truth? Maybe blame your inspection training or the incompetent pass-me-down ideas/supposed truths on this subject. Some get their bulllshtt ideas from 1+ interior system companies, just like G Haege, another who tells the world on his radio show he has all the clear, concise how-to advice, nonfrigginsense! NOT on this g dang subject he doesn’t. Never did.

Anyone with a tad of common sense should be able to see wtf it is I’m posting about, what I’m showing in vid’s and photos.
Why does this guy (his article and videos below), take the time and write a long article on this subject?
(Oh sorry, it may bore some Nachi inspectors yet again) Do some here have ADHD? Sure seems some do.
Why does he post videos like these 2 and, for instance, make the point to show/say…‘damprrofing, waterproofing, damproofing, waterproofing’…huh?

Doing anything other than what John did/shows here (exterior waterproofing and all gravel backfill) would not have repaired/waterproofed the exterior cracks/////would NOT have stopped further water from entering

‘Doing anything other than’…means, installing an interior basement system or, raising and sloping the grade or extending downspout ext’s 200’ away or installing some bullshttt pansy-azz drain tiles around the exterior perimeter or adding a dumb stupid splashblock or painting the inside basement walls with Drylok and so on.

Did anyone watch the last video? Prolly not lol, but if they did, question for a home inspector who always or often recommends to homeowners to raise and slope the grade or add 1,000 of drain tiles etc…
Q-- see those exterior cracks? See the step crack? See the ‘other’ exterior openings/joints at–along grade level?

Why would anyone with any common sense want to, try to, add soil and raise and slope the grade when doing THAT, doesn’t seal/waterproof all those exterior existing DEFECTS!! There are DEEEEEE–fense, lool, excuse me, defects. they sure as shtt are.

Why would a home inspector not explain to a seller/buyer that the house has EXISTING DEFECTS that need to be repaired??? Just like if a house had a g dang HOLE in the ROOF, you would not recommend it be repaired???

Tuckpointing any crack or open mortar joint on the INSIDE of a block wall is NOT any kind of competent repair.
How does adding mortar on the inside of a block wall seal/repair/waterproof the OPEN CRACKS that exist on the outside? loooool Don’t CALL that shttt a ‘repair’, you are again screwing a buyer/seller and quite possibly yourself.

Adding soil or installing some bullshtt drain tiles OUTSIDE, doesn’t repair/waterproof the cracks!!!

It doesn’t ensure further water won’t enter the EXISTING cracks, defects!!! Hardly, jesus.

Funny and sad both, some home inspectors think I came on here 10 or whatever years ago to just shtt on them when the truth is, I came on here to open your eyes and help you help your clients. Quite a few home inspectors have been still are WRONG, incompetent on this-subject, that IS the truth, sorry you can’t handle the truth.

My thoughts exactly.

Same home inspectors talking about… other home inspectors that inspected the same house, in part says, ‘other 2 home inspectors are apparently clueless…’

So it’s ok for one HI to shtt on another HI. See/read that here loool.

But to some here, it’s not ok for an expert on waterproofing to shtt on an HI who, absolutely fkd up on his incompetent assumptions, which screws over homeowners.

This fkg place is like the ‘Edge of Night’, got dat?

Here’s the same inspector in another short video, he wrote, ‘Bad grading and topography equals water penetration’… and below that says, ‘The drain tile if one exists is non funcational’… block walls. See the efflorescence, mold? huh?


Eh, water penetration into a basement/block walls, is most often due to one or more of the following,
-exterior cracks in wall or cracked parging or no parging on exterior walls

-other exterior openings on/in the exterior of the block wall. Have posted numerous videos and photos showing some of these.

-direct exterior openings ABOVE the stupid basement walls such as cracked/deteriorated mortar joints/bricks, openings in-around-under basement windows, doors etc

-a possible blockage in a lateral line that may simply need to be snaked (yeah, may need to be partially or totally replaced)

-a possible problem with an existing sump pump or, the tiles in the pit may need to be snaked

So other than some sort of interior leaky dripping plumbing fixture/pipe or a floor drain that is backing up or is/was cemented over, the above are the most often ways of water penetration into basements and the first few are the most likely ones to CAUSE some mold or efflorescence on some blocks inside, which is wtf the home in video has.

That house/basement water problems are NOT because of ‘bad grading/topography’ BULLLLLLLLL–incompetent------SHTT!

Some HI’s, especially here in Michigan are CLUELESS on this subject and need to be held accountable for their fk ups.

That house, the walls have at least ‘some’ exterior cracks or cracked parging and THAT is at least part of WHY and WHERE the stoooooooooooopid fkg water enters, not because of the dumb azz grade.

NO competent home inspector, Nachi member or otherwise, would go on any home inspection and simply tell any homeowner that their leaky basement is in part or all DUE TO, bad grading, absolute bulllshttt and will back it up anywhere, anytime…fc n a Homeowners, YOU need to hold these HI’s accountable, get your inspection fee back OR, if you bought a house and a HI told you bulllshtt like this and then you found out that house has 1+ cracks in walls etc then, SUE them, damn skippy, sue the home inspector, incompetence/negligence that COST you $$$$ in repairs the HI didn’t find, didn’t care to find, didn’t warn you about BEFORE you bought the stinky house!!!

Example, how HIGH do you think/want the stupid fkg GRADE to be, so that…in YOUR shttball opinions, it’ll SUPPOSEDLY keep water out of the basement, OFF the entire depth of basement wall, huh?

Homeowners/buyers, if you bought a house and your home inspector told you ALL you needed to do to keep water out of the basement, one area or more, was to simply raise and slope the grade or extend downspout ext’s 8 miles long and, your actual existing problems were any kind of exterior defect(s) as in this video, sue the mfr.

Or, if your home inspector didn’t say/recommend to remove (you or the seller, not the HI) a piece + of drywall or paneling, as in this video, in order to find/determine the ACTUAL EXISTING problems/defects in the founfation walls, sue 'em, they cost you $$$
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0puicQF5NM see this shtt ALL the time. A home inspector will tell a buyer to raise and slope the grade of other incompetent bullllllllshtttt that…
1- did NOT find/determine the existing problem(s)
2- did NOT fix/repair the existing problem, existing DEFECT

If you had a home inspector out and paid them… $300–500 and you were concerned about a leaky chimney/basement like the one in this video, and the home inspector told you all you needed to do was add soil or mudjack/raise the concrete slab by chimney (as in video) and you wouldn’t have any more concerns, sue 'em
They should have advised you to run a … water test in order to deduce/find the actual problems with the stoooooooopid chimney

How many more real g DAMN videos or photo sets do some here need to see, to understand what most homeowners problems reallllllly are!! Fc me man.

Another home inspection and another incompetent, negligent recommendation on a bowed in basement wall

Recommends to hire a company to install wall anchors???

And have slabs mudjacked???


Incompetent, negligent…period.

Fc, for the nth time… wall is bowed in, has exterior cracks,cracked exterior parging in fcg basement walls AND, the soil and-or the concrete is what is highly likely causing the foundation wall to bow in, crack, leak…effffffffflorescence!!!

The installation of wall anchors and an interior system and mudjacking slabs will NOT reduce, relieve ANY exterior weight/pressure/cause!!!

And, those fkg things do NOT repair/waterproof the EXISTING crack, DEFECTS on the outside of the basement wall, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

WHOSE on DRUGS??? Quite a few incompetent negligent home inspectors(and others) on this-subject and, seems the ONLY way to change their stupid thought process is to sue them, get that inspection fee back, damn right man.

Per initial videos posted…

The law office of…
Signs of basement problems where the walls are covered–
Many times a home inspector will inspect a basement and note that the walls are freshly painted, or covered…

…Sometimes a basement will show signs of recent repairs and the home inspector may assume the repairs were properly made. The home inspector assumes the basement repair contractor knew what he was doing… relieving the home inspector of any further duty to report on the situation… repairs not done properly can lead to problems for the new homeowner

Yep, happens all the time!
Here (photos), the walls were recently painted and the exterior grade was…RAISED (same old dumb shtt)
The home inspector missed, did not note/report a vertical crack in basement wall and the efflorescence etc that was visible, painted over but still visible, even with a pea-brain.
The HI did not note anything about the raised exterior grade.

Buyer bought house, leaked on first decent rain, more efflorescence and mold popped up on interior walls and sued.

Yeah sure, the seller fkd up too. But the inspector could have, should have caught these signs and explained to buyer the facts, truths, the existing problems/defects.

Those first 2 videos posted clearly show existing cracks, DEFECTS that were not properly repaired (an interior system was previously installed, they too/that company also fkd up!!!)

And what does the home inspector say/recommend to do?
Longer downspout ext’s and some friggin exterior drain tile? Negligent, period!

One more stinking time… the interior basement system did NOT do ANYTHING to reduce, relieve ANY exterior weight/pressure off the walls that caused the problems in the first place!!!
And the interior system did NOT ‘stop’ further water from entering the multiple exterior cracks in foundation walls!!!
They NEVER do, helllllo!! Hence further efflorescence or mold or paint peeling on the stupid blocks.

And… longer downspouts and some drain tiles don’t repair/waterproof the existing cracks/defects in the g dang basement walls!
That shtt will not stop/prevent FURTHER lateral soil pressure, deterioration to walls!

I ask again, WHY open your mouths on this subject? Why recommend dogshtt?
And you should not berecommending an interior system company, another fk up, if your eyes and brains get any of this subject!

UNBIASED opinion, Fairfax county VA… Bowed, damaged basement walls, just like in the stupid video!!

Eh, do they tell you to recommend, longer downspout ext’s or RAISE the grade etc? NO!
What did the home inspector recommend?

Fairfax says, (bowed, damaged basement walls)… to…prevent FUTURE damage, the clay MUST be REMOVED…

Must be removed.

Must be removed.

They don’t tell people to, extend downspout ext’s or add even more soil/weight!!

Jesus krrrrrrristams!

The cause(s), must be removed (could also be conceret slabs or underground roots etc)
backfill with sand/gravel, waterproof the EXTERIOR of the wall!!!

Waterproof the exterior of the wall!!!



Because, there are exterior cracks, cracked parging or sometimes there is no parging ob the exterior… and raising and sloping the grade or adding 10 mile long extensions do not repair/waterproof the existing cracks.

Any home inspector or home inspector organization that mostly or always recommends interior system companies are negligent, incompetent self-serving azz wipes, period. Same goes for any city inspector, building official, realtor and so on, damn skippy.

Underground tree root that CAUSED exterior cracks/defects to foundation wall which then allowed water to enter the basement…

Here, the root is now removed… which ummmm, installing ANY interior basement system and sump pump will NEVER do and never stop water from entering

And ummm, recommedations to sellers/buyers to raise and slope the grade or extend downspouts ext’s do NOT remove/reduce any lateral soil pressure or remove any underground roots or concrete etc that CAUSE many of these problems!!!

Funny azz mfrs. I trrrry and help some of these HI’s and am often, shtt on for it.
I would help any g dang HI undertstand this shtt better so that umm, they would be much less likely to get their azz sued or lose inspection fee and… to help their clients!!! Hello.

UN---------------------BE--------------------------lievable home inspectors, some are all fkd up on this subject.

Always been curious about your posts. Your expertise comes from …

Are you a home owner, home inspector, licensed geo-technical engineer, competent foundation contractor, home handy-man OR what??

Sir Dan, my expertise comes from doing this job 38 years, basement waterproofing/foundation repair. got milk?

This homeowner in Maryland, hired an interior system moron company…if you care, click link and read all the facts ya like…

In part it says…
This document contains comments of the arbitrator in the case of “Rzemien versus Aquadorks waterproofing”…in it you’ll read the arbitrators reasoning for finding Aquaguard waterproofing liable for breach of contract and gross negligence resulting in an award of damages of $50,000.

Goes on to say, after many weeks of frustration we felt we had no alternative but to take this matter to court. The CONTRACT however had a CLAUSE that forced us into arbitration As part of that process, a number of pre-arbitration hearing depositions were taken…

Yep, homeowners who have leaky basements and hired inside system bozo’s like this, need to WATCH OUT for any types of these CLAUSES that they sign. This homeowner was smart, patient… not many others are!
Read the small print on those contracts you sign folks!

Sean, lol how much longer should i wait? smfh