This site is great...

Play the video, and crank up the VOLUME!

Video. Video. Video. People love it.
Start incorporating video into your inspections and onto your websites.

Sorry… but I was distracted by the Google ad’s of all his ASHI and NAHI competitors flashing across the bottom of his otherwise great video !!!

So, it seems to me that if you want video on your website, you need to host it yourself, or use a pay to host (ad free) company.

Very nice site, gets good traffic too.

I agree that the adverts detract from the video as they show competitor listings.

I’m curious about the use of the Creative Commons license statement. Pretty unusual for a commercial website. Does the CC license apply to the whole website (If so, I’m curious as to why you elected to do this) or just the CSS template? Who holds the Creative Commons license as it applies to the CSS template?

CC License would apply to the website theme. It just means that it’s free to be used and shared with certain restrictions chosen by the author (like they might want their name to be kept on the theme).

Well that’s the way I would expect it to be, but the way it’s posted on the site it seems to indicate that the whole site is CC licensed. I see no distinction regarding the template or who the template originator is and there is no other copyright statement that I see. :shock:

The only things that I use CC license for are things that I have freely published for reuse by others.