This week's (February 21, 2023) Tuesday Night Auction for charity: 1-ounce pure gold (Canadian Maple Leaf)

Here are some charities you may be familiar with. They are ranked in order based how much of your donation goes to their cause, vs how much they spend on admin.

Cozy Coats for Kids: 100% goes to kids. 0% on admin.
Red Cross: 90% goes to their cause. 10% on admin.
Doctors without Borders: 89% goes to their cause. 11% on admin.
UNICEF: 88% goes to their cause. 12% on admin.
Save the Children: 85% goes to their cause. 15% on admin.
Salvation Army: 82% goes to their cause. 18% on admin.
Saint Judes Hospital: 73% goes to their cause. 27% on admin.
The Nature Conservancy: 71% goes to their cause. 29% on admin.
ASPCA: 75% goes to their cause. 25% on admin.
Wounded Warriors: 71% goes to their cause. 29% on admin.
Black Lives Matter: 46% unspent. 54% on admin.

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That’s impressive, but hard to believe… Everyone that works for them doesn’t accept a dime? And no rent/overhead?

Correct. And not even any shipping costs. Notice the “free shipping” in our Tuesday Night Auction each Tuesday. We don’t pay a penny for shipping.

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Want me post a recent bank statement? I can, I think.

Hold on. Let me see if I can access and download.

There ya go.

59 cents in expenses this month. LOL.

Here are our amazing donors: Donors – Cozy Coats for Kids | Make a donation today

Scroll baby, scroll.

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Not having salaries or shipping costs is huge for us.

I’m on there :slight_smile:

So did InterNachi start this organization?

No. I did. About Cozy Coats for Kids | Free Coats for Kids in Their Favorite Color!. Maggie runs it though and has for years.

And Inspector Outlet donates all the shipping.

I looked at the photo section…its pretty awesome actually. A year ago, I retired from the Rapid City FD after 26 years, I encountered lots and lots of kids in shitty situations. Sometimes something as seemingly small as new new coat, that is brand new, clean and warm can really make a big difference in thier lives. not only keeps em warm, but makes them feel good about themselves and gives em a bit of confidence. Anyway…good job with the coats. one of these times ill win an auction. I forgot about that one ending last night. It went way too cheap. Stay warm.

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We work with a lot of Fire Departments and Police Departments as they often know what families are really hurting.

Anyway, when you donate to Cozy Coats for Kids… none of your donation goes to admin. None.

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Nice! Now it all makes sense!!

That’s awesome, Nick

Here are some CCFK news stories: News - Cozy Coats for Kids

And my favorite page: Gallery - Cozy Coats for Kids

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That gallery really is great indeed.

When you make a donation, your inspection company logo and link to your inspection business website stay on our Donors page FOREVER: Donors – Cozy Coats for Kids | Make a donation today