This week's (March 30) $100 Most Helpful Message Board Poster Contest.

Post the name of the member who you think makes the most helpful posts.

Don’t vote for yourself of course. Suggest as many (different) members as you like.

There is no sense in voting for past winners as they are ineligible. Past winners:

  • Jeff Pope.
  • Marcel Cyr.
  • Roy Cooke.
  • Charley Bottger
  • Russel Ray
  • Randy Mayo
  • Bob Elliot

We’ll send the winner a check for $100.

If someone has helped you on the message board, post his/her name.

This contest is going to run at least once a week for a while.

Ray Wand

I nominate Michael Clark for being the most honest and truthful postings.

Originally Posted by ccurrins ](
*Great. Now an independent attorney can explore the true validation of the “CMI designation”. *****

Well, if he just enters his zip code on the site, he’ll find out who to hire for HIS home inspection!!

I hope he says “Darn, I’m a lawyer, and I don’t even make $125 per hour”.
Then I can say “I didn’t either, when I was a lawyer”

I wouldn’t send him to a mb where all the inspectors take turns slamming their fellow inspector’s credentials. He’s likely already been through kindergarten

I just may have him re-write my PIA…

Originally Posted by jfrederick ](
*I got about 5 yrs. on ya *A dumb mid-newbie perhaps? LOL
A "newbie’ is anyone trying to better themselves, or their business, one who still wants to learn more because they are not yet convinced they know everything, and anyone who tries anything new, or “off the grid” that others either won’t try or are otherwise afraid of trying, or go the extra mile for their customer as a USP…

I’ll second both Ray Wand and Michael Clark.

Michael Clark

Hate deciding when everyone who posts a reply is helpful but will wait till later when it is real.

Ray Wand:)

Russ Hensel

Paul Abernathy

Michael Clark

Michael Larson. No one posts more well researched responses to questions on these boards week in and week out then Mike. He has a wealth of HI knowledge and is always willing to share.

I agree

Peter Russell from New Hampshire:D

Bob “condo Bob” Elliott:p

Joseph B. From Florida:cool:

Nick Gromicko:p

David Anderson

David Anderson.
Paul Abernathy.

Robert Young