Thoughts on this exterior deck....

Here are a few pictures of the exterior deck on a home I just inspected. Not sure I’ve ever seen one built like this. The posts are bearing on cinder blocks and not embedded in the ground. There are no footers present. Basically the deck is just bearing on the concrete blocks which are just sitting on the grade.

Crap, like some sort of temporary stage :slight_smile: Just look at the home it serves? Think that guy is pulling permits and getting designs or all the buddies just coming over with tools and beer :slight_smile:

It’s a manufactured home. What you expect?

No, I’m not gonna bother commenting on the obvious.

Note: It should NOT be attached to the manufactured home in any manner. MUST be a freestanding deck.

No, its actually not a manufactured home. Its a wood framed house with a framed floor system on piers. Its been an issue for the buyer to get insurance because most people call it a mobile home without even looking in the crawlspace. Here are some shots. It is a site built structure.

And no permits were issued for the deck :D:D

I’d hope you would remember if you had.

I don’t see a question. There should be many.

This may be helpful to you:

Shake my head! The things we see :slight_smile:

Can I save that photo for my “oops” file?

Just curious as to how you are going to write that up. And did you do a wind mitigation on that one also?

Absolutely Brad. It already went in mine. Starting to get a nice collection!

Thanks for the link Larry. This will come in handy when writing the narrative and I may even forward this PDF to the customer.

Lol that is not a deck.

No load path on the house either…the things we see :shock:

The deck is nothing compared to the structure itself, I would focus more on the severe structural issues with the residence first. Actually, I would be more than surprised if the structure had a permit judging by the installation…

Bearing is on weakest section of block…

Are you sure that isn’t a hurricane ready deck? Designed to float.

Seeing as no one wants to write what is really there, but just poke fun, this is what i see:

The floor joist of the house are butted, not lapped. The required solid blocking over the beam of the house is missing. The floor insulation is missing. Nothing is strapped or anchored for the house. The bridging is not full depth or cross type bridging. I can see holes in the CBS support grout, indicating they are not poured solid as required. No vapor barrier on the crawl space floor. Cellulose material, trees and roots, located in the soils. Sub damage and tubes in the floor joist under the house. The beams are not spliced over the support columns. There are no grade stamps on the joists or beams. The beam is pressure treated and the knots are too large for #2 which is the least grade allowed for a structural beam. The floor joists are #3 and not #2 due to the size of the knots without grade stamps. This is just the house portion. The deck is totally fubar.

That is one of them new fangled party decks!

I think they call them rafts.:wink: