Today's deathtrap

Notice the posts farthest from the house (4x4s). The 2 posts closest to the house were 2x4s, not anchored to the house and just sitting on top of the ground. You could actually swing them around, so the deck was holding the post up.

I didn’t walk on that deck, but the pest control guy did–he got on it from inside the house without looking at it carefully outside first. Could have been a big mistake (he’s a hefty guy).

111207 009 (Small).jpg

You’re so tough on the homes, Joe. Those are cowboy posts. They get that way from ridin’ horses. Oh I get it, you have something against cowboys. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Definetly an accident waiting to happen!

That scares me and I’m not scared of anything!! :mrgreen:

That is completely unreal, and would never think anyone would be feebleminded as this.

Marcel :slight_smile:

YIKES!!! Must quote again: “Common sense ain’t all that common, is it?”

I forgot to mention the service entrance. See it beside the steps? You can reach out and touch it with ease. Me thinks it was built without a permit.

Your deck support posts rank right up there with the electric issue I saw yesterday.

There were two j-boxes wired on the exterior of home, so the window units could be plugged in (I know, only little city, America). After Seller had the electricity turned off, he went back and removed the two outlet receptacles from the j-boxes on the outside.

To make a long scare short, in one box he left the 3 conductors sticking out in mid air - so they wouldn’t touch. No cap, no tape, and the breaker was on.

The other box he clipped the conductor and shoved it back inside the metal j-box, breaker on here, too.

Makes a person realize not everyone has common sense.


Did the owners look like this?


If you kick the bottom of that right post REAL HARD, will it move?

If it did there may be no stopping it :shock:

This is definitely a situation to leave it as “visual non-invasive” and refer on to the repair person(s).

I know you were joking, weren’t you? :shock:


May I add this to my CRAP photo page?

Feel free. Here’s a pic of the service entrance.

111207 036 (Small).jpg


Looks like one of those combination multi-use easy access clotheslines.

This rates up there for a Double, maybe Triple Darwin Award

Awesome looking suppoprt post. That’s why I like to see cross members attached to long posts.

By looking at the SE cable, this deck was built after the fact. How the hell did the permit get issued on this if there was one at all.

Not a problem down south but those concrete support blocks for posts are banned here now unless the deck/patio is less than 2’ high and not attched to the house. All others must be built on concrete piers or preservative treated posts with the base at least 4’ in the ground.


Those post footings must be poured and set below the frost line. I know SC has a frost line.


I like the baluster spacing too!

I like the hangman’s rope, gives you a choice of how you want to die.

Yep. Anyone crazy enough to test a question like that gets removed from the gene pool.


How was the rest of the house?