More deck construction..........

What are people thinking? Almost every post on this deck was like this !!:roll:




Were any nails used for the hangers? :shock:

Thats just silly, what were they thinking or were they

Erol, Not 1 nail. I think maybe this guy got a deal on deck screws ! Not a lot of shear strength there!!! This is on a $450,000 house on a golf course too !

Troy, I’m pretty sure there was not a lot of thinking involved here. HA !

Lets have a 12 pack each and build a deck

Are those Simpson hangers? No screws of any kind are allowed. Did they at least bolt the ledger to the rim joist? If they did, I’ll bet a quarter :neutral: the bolts aren’t staggered…

Yep , simpson hangers. This entire deck was a MESS. The ledger was not even in contact with the house. There were posts in the ground up against the house, then the ledger was screwed , yes, more deck screws, to the posts. This was a pre-list inspection. Out of town owner. I told the Agent it would be a good idea to remove the deck and start over.

Oh yeah Troy, thats at least a 12 pack pack apiece deck job!

The thing I fear most about inspecting these stained, puke pads :smiley: is when I don’t see any excess flashing between ledger and rim. We don’t if there’s any flashing and that’s exactly how I write it up. :twisted: