Federal Pacific Stab-Loc Split bus Connections

This one is going to be fun, Home and four point inspection. Found this Fed Pacific Stab Loc, I of course, am going to warn them about the panel and refer to an electrician. Along with that the double neutrals, exposed connectors, double tapped at the SEC, no lock nut etc, but what is really catching my eye is the way the 60 amp split feeders are connected to the bus. It looks as if they are some how just pressed against it. I don’t see any terminals or even any signs of it being soldered. Anyone ever see this before? They look to be floating. Thanks. Just curious too , I did a four point yesterday on another fed pacific. Everything looked ok in the panel, no signs of overheating etc. With the new information that came out about these panels, I was not sure what to write on the 4 point form. I checked satisfactory on the form but in the comment portion wrote about the warnings attributed to the panel. How are folks handling this panel on 4 point inspections if wiring looks to be good?

It looks like a split bus panel, Jason.

The 60 amp feeds the lower part of the panel board below the 6-240 volt breakers.

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Thank you, I can see that but how are the feeders of the split being held to the bus? They look to be just pressed against it? Is this normal for a split bus? Seems it should have a lug or something more secure.

Soldered, I believe, and it is normal, Jason.

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Ok , Thanks a lot Larry!! that’s super helpful. I could not see any signs of soldering and the wires looked to be pressed so I was thinking they were under something at one point. Very good. Thanks for the help.

You do not see any solder because I believe that it is spot welded directly to the bus. Give Federal Pacific credit this is the one thing about these panels that is actually good. :smirk:


Thanks Rob. I couldn’t think of that term, just then. :+1:

You’re welcome. :sunglasses:

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Thanks guys , Very helpful!

You’re welcome, good question.

Glad to help, Jason!