Please help. Pics included

Look at the two black wires in the center. How are they attached? What can you tell me about this. Thank you

Split bus panel.

They are spot welded.

Typical split bus panel setup. Spot welded is correct. Looks like a FP panel.

Beat me by 30 seconds…

What did I win? :wink:

Check with Dale… He is, afterall, in charge of shipping. :wink:

this is awsome, get to learn somthing new all the time

Split bus, and yes FPE. Is spot welding ok? I’ve not seen that before.

Yes it is OK.

It came from the factory that way.

ok thanks

Thank you all!!!

Still have the issue of it being a FPE panel…

Yes, but that’s not the question that was asked.:wink:

Just making sure he knew. :mrgreen:

One should take a look where all the grounds went…

Federal pacific panel strikes again. Look at those loose breakers.

Yes thank you, I did call out the FPE.

If there was not a main disconect, to meet the 6 throws requirement, that breaker denergizes the other bus bar and the whole panel can be shut down with 6 throws of the breakers.