Thoughts on this?

What are your thoughts on this?

Where did the relief valve on the cold water line head to?

Terminated about 5" inches above floor. WH in closet of condo.

Anyone else?

Is there a drain pan below the appliance?

That TPR on the cold line was likely supposed to be a PRV. Needs to be properly routed.


Yes there is a drain pan with a drain line. Thanks for your input Dom.

Since there is already a TPR Valve properly installed, the second TPR valve on the supply line is inconsequential. If there was only one TPR valve and it was on the supply line, then I would report it as a safety hazard.

Thanks Chris

Yeah, I agree with chris. As long as a proper TPR exists…

I would just pay close attention to other plumbing items as it’s possible this wasn’t a professional installation.

There looks like rusting at the electrical entry, possible leak from that condensate line???

Thanks guys!

The TPR on the cold line probably should have been an expansion tank

Any other thoughts?

I am assuming the pressure relief valve on the cold line is set well below the 150 psig of the TPR.

If it discharges to a floor drain I don’t see an issue unless this arrangement is not permitted by our AHJ.

A municipal water system is not a closed system so requiring an expansion tank is not of much use though it may be required by the AHJ.

Any expansion simply back flows back into the municipal supply.

Thank you

I have checked with the four largest municipal water suppliers in my area. All new water meter installation they use have a check valve installed in the meter setter. If there is ever a need for an old unit to be replaced, a new setter is also installed and has the check valve. The vast majority of units more than 15 years old in this area do not have check valves and are an open system. Water heater replacement requires a permit in this area and the AHJ’s require the expansion tank since they don’t know the condition of the meter setter. ALWAYS check with your local water company and AHJ.


Good info.

The CPVC is not supposed to be that close, the first 18" should be metal pipe.