Three phase system

I do not see too many of these is residential. In fact, this is my first one on residential. I know this is wrong, but how would you write this up.

Another queston - Why would anyone do this??

320 NW 157St Miami(Oglesby) 038.jpg

320 NW 157St Miami(Oglesby) 038.jpg

320 NW 157St Miami(Oglesby) 038.jpg

320 NW 157St Miami(Oglesby) 040.jpg

320 NW 157St Miami(Oglesby) 039.jpg

I owned a house that had three phase service. The previous owner was a welder.

I would say you have undersized wire.

The fact that you have a three phase panel is immaterial.

I have to ask…what tells you this is a 3-phase situation even if they used a 3 phase panel enclosure…quite honestly I only see a Single Phase setup using a 3 phase panel…BUT I did not have my coffee yet to I will look again…lol

Either way…defer it right away…and not just because of the “Duct Tape”…lol…we know that fixes anything but more so as Dave said…that conductor is grossly small if this is the main panel…and to be honest with you no electrician would run (3) larger conductors and then a small one and use it as a ungrounded conductor in this setup…

Someone has been PLAYIN with this setup…defer…defer…defer…

I agree this does look like single phase but I wouldn’t hazard a guess what is going on with that skinny wire behind the duct tape. Get an electrician in there for a closer look.

maybe I am wrong, but I thought that four wires coming from the service (in this case the meter because it is underground service) means you have three phase service.

By the way, this house was a former home of a Tony Martin New York Jet. He bought it for a family member. Its amazing how they neglected this home.

It usually is with 4 conductors…but based on how small that conductor is i would not say that was original to the installation. The (3) conductors that are larger Should be the ones being used…

Thats the thing about that setup…remark that it appears wrong and suggest evaluation as soon as possible and let the Electrician field the ball on that one.