Three way inside the stairwell or behind the door

I posted this picture a few days ago about the handrail that doesn’t terminate at the top step.

I was looking and realized that the three-way switch for the stairs is behind the door you see at the top. I am assuming the light switch can be either in front or behind the door?

Yes, Lawrence, it can. :smile:

As long it’s in close proximity to the stairs and accessible without having to traverse any stairs.

By the title, I thought this was going to be a more exciting thread than it turned out to be. :wink:


I knew I could bring out the dirty minds of some lol.

In addition I would make comments about handrail graspability.

That was covered in a separate post.

ok this stairway is starting to get boring , lets move on to another room…

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Well you are no fun lol

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surely you must have other pictures…

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