Close but not quite right

This is the first time I have seen this.

Do you see what I see?

So you can operate the switch without removing you hand. It must be a safety feature;)

Handrail brackets upside down or the blocked switch?

Very good Bob. I kept banging my knuckles. It was the same on all three stairways.

At least Mr. Handy was consistent.:wink:

Yeah that would suck,not sure if it effects leverage either.
Further proof we need more than canned lingo in reports.:slight_smile:

How wide is that stairs. The door at the top looks to be about 2 feet wide.

The door is fine. It’s partially closed.

The attic access wasn’t so fine.

Just curious but how many of you guys would remove the screws and get in or how many of you would mark it as no access.

My answer is to unscrew and enter in the above situation.
Yes if it had items ,that would be different.

Does this answer your question?

I did have to remove the top closet shelf.

Should be code that attic hatches (scuttles) must be in walk-in closets, halls, etc; not in 2’ wide closets with shelving!!!

It is now but it was not when this house was built.

You’re lucky to have that in your area!