TI and Electricity

My BCAM has now been upgraded to a BCAM SD, and I’m happy to have it back.

This Zinsco panel is inside a condo. The heat signature doesn’t raise any concerns, but I thought it was interesting and decided to share it. It looks hot, but it’s really nothing I would consider “unusual.” What you see is the circuit for the heat pump.

The paint and plaster are more of a concern. . .





did you take the temperature of the heat pump breakers. Just curious as to how hot they were running.

What happened to the inside of that panel?


They didn’t have a cover over the panel when they shot on the drywall texture. My wife has sold new panels to drywall companies for that. The inspector can tag it … and should.

The IR image shows the temp at around 96 degrees (it’s quite accurate) which is not abnormal.

Jeff. Don’t rely on the reticule temp to be exact unless you tune the camera’s emissivity to the material being scanned. It shouldn’t be off my more than a cople of degrees and is fine as an estimate, but not exact. Especially if the material is shiny metal (and there is a lot of that in a Zinsco panel, ain’t there :mrgreen: )

Hope this helps;

I know it’s only been but about a week, but how do they compare ?

Any comments ? I was thinking about upgrading myself.


I took this today also a Zinsco

IR_0202 (Small).jpg

IR_0201 (Small).jpg