Panel type

The panel cover was missing and wasnt sure if this is a Zinsco or not.

I observed no panel cover, Double tap of the main, No main service disconnect and over crowded wiring. Any other issues???



71406 Akron 023 (Small).jpg

71406 Akron 024 (Small).jpg

Yes, it’s a Zinsco. . .

Tail Tell Signs…Aqua and Red Breakers…lol

. . . and the bus bars. . . and the Zinsco stickers on the breakers. . . :smiley:

lol…and the breakers that fall out of them…and the ARCING on the enclosure…lol…not to mention the increasing “Insurance” rate adjustment notice…lol

Actually, Zinsco breakers don’t fall out easily, 'cuz they usually weld themselves to the bus bars :wink:

Thanks for the info.

I thought to myself as I first observed the panel that it was a Zinsco. It seems to be a stupid design to have all the wires on one side of the panel & nothing on the other. Are all Zinsco’s like this.

I was glad I just reviewed the electrical course as there is a nice page on Zinsco. We have lots of FPE & very few Zinsco.

I missed the stickers on the breakers. But I did call out the Zinsco and just wanted to reasure myself.

It was nice not to have to take of the cover. I wonder where it went. The probably used it to patch something.

First time I worked with this realtor as I was refferred by a past client.

Please dont alarm my client she says. I am not a alarmist but I report what I see. I dont see know panel cover. I am ramblin and I need to shut up!


Again thanks for the Electrical couse as I know Jeff & Paul assisted GB.

We should do a poll on the course as to how many have taken & there score and whatever else.

I noticed on one quiz question it stated that it takes no less than seven had movements to shut off and I know the answer should be 6. GB did a great job and I am not trying to knit pick as I couldnt do 1/2 the job that he did. Here i go ramblin again.




I also remember that question in the quiz. I don’t recall exactly how it was written, but it caught my attention too. I do recall that the way it was worded, 7 was the correct number.

I just took the online exam and scored a 93. I missed the one with the six/seven hand movements. I bet I read it wrong.

There was a question with a picture that was either a dumb waiter/dimmer control or a garage door opener. I had no idea.

I have trouble with the bonding & grounding questions and some of the questions like how much seperation between any non IC lights & insulation.

I also need to review the 240V information because I had trouble with the stove & Range outlet type.

Do you ever see a stove outlet and range outlet reversed. Like a stove being on a range. I wouldnt think so since the plugs are different.

Good course!!


lol…That was a TRICK one Jeff…lol…