The bus bars on this Zinsco had heated to the point that it damaged the mounts. When I removed the cover, the entire setup almost fell out.

Wow Jeff, you are the master!!!

Yikes!! I see a ton of Zinscos around here, and I always write them up, but the worst I have seen is a little oxidation and some loose breakers. Nothing like that!

I think Jeff lives in the Zinsco capital of the world…would you believe jeff down here in VA I am lucky to see maybe only 2-3 Zinsco’s a year( way more Fed.Pacific around here )…and usually they are on the electrical side when we are upgrading them.

I see 10 or 15 Zinsco panels in a month and maybe 5 or so FPE. This was not the worst I’ve seen, but it’s up there in the top ten. . .

I think Zinsco accounts for about half of my inspections, with FPE and the early 1980’s Sylvania accounting for another 25%. Murray and GE in the newer homes.

Jeff, I want to move down there. I love seeing those type of deficiencies. And great pic, by the way.


Do you have some standard Zinsco Veribiage you put in your reports that you wouldn’t mind sharing with us? It would be greatly appreciated.


Jeff “Zinsco” Pope,
Here is a Zinsco from my inspection today. Tons of issues besides being a Zinsco. I especially like the double tapped neutral to the sub-panel; and, the sub panel hot conductors and neutral fed individually through 1/2" romex connectors.

Ramseur 118.jpg

IMHO, Zinsco, unlike FPE, deserves a bit more consideration before making a blanket statement for repair and/or replacement. The one pictured by Charles is another story :wink:

If you are unsure and would just rather be safe, this statement is probably the most prudent, and can be used as a general comment for Zinsco and FPE.

You should follow up a statement like this with a list of any observed deficiencies.

The name “Zinsco” is enough “observed” deficiency for me. I don’t take covers off simply because of what you noted in your first post and my own experience doing property renovations. I think everything I’ve ever renovated here in San Diego had a Zinsco panel.

Thanks Jeff…

Jeff, you need to start a zinsco museum.:mrgreen:


Is this a zinsco or one of the problematic panels?

100_9295 (Small).JPG

100_9294 (Small).JPG

100_9260 (Small).JPG


Hi Jeff Pope (Mr. Zinsco)…

Came upon a Zinsco panel today with COPPER bars down the middle instead of the normal aluminum. Never seen this before. I’m sure a much better design since it wouldn’t have the aluminum oxidation issues.

But was wondering if this era of panel would still have the problematic issues related to the Zinsco Breakers not tripping in a reliable manner.

Just wondering if you would change any of the wording you posted in a previous message board entry:

The home is equipped with a Zinsco brand electrical panel(s). Zinsco components are considered problematic by industry professionals due to their high failure rate. Failure of any component within the electrical system may result in fire and/or electrocution. Further evaluation of the electrical panel by a state licensed electrical contractor is advised to determine its safety, integrity and performance.

P.S. Yeah…I caught the white wire…




Even if you’ve run across a copper buss Zinsco, it still has enough age on it to safely say it’s at the end of its service life. The AL buss was worse, but regardless of the buss material, the breaker to buss interface was a design that didn’t stand the test of time very well.

I see ALOT up here in WA. State too. Must of had a REALLY good salesman traveling the West Coast back then! :mrgreen:

I am having a brain fart on the mfg the of panel—not a Zinsco though. I am sure someone will come up with the brand.