tie bar made of copper wire

So just for a definitive answer because it has been coming up so often lately, please tell me that it is not ok to use a piece of copper wire to tie breakers together. or tell me I have just been being a pain in the report

and since I have your attention, this has had the main distribution panel upgraded with a square D 200 amp with main breaker, but the left the federal pacific 200 amp main breaker exterior next to the meter. other than a notation should I make any other mention of that?

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I mention brand of breakers in my reports just because I notate materials, but I am guessing you feel concern the main breaker being FP might be a concern …Nah.

You are correct that a piece of copper wire is not acceptable as it may not trip both at the same time and create a safety hazard as a result.

See it all the time, but that doesn’t make it right. Components must be listed for their purpose.

There is only one main breaker (service disconnect). In your case it would be the FP at the meter. This also makes the square D main distribution panel a remote distribution (sub) panel, and should be wired as such.

I must have been sleeping this morning, because I missed this part of your post.

Unfortunately, that make no sense at all. As Chris inferred, lose the terms “main-breaker” and “main-distribution-panel.” Remember these things;

There is “service equipment” and there is “other-equipment.”

There is a “service” switch/disconnect, and there are “other” switches/disconnects.

There is only one service panel (i.e. service equipment), and there is only one service breaker (i.e. service disconnect).

“Other” panels should be referred to as sub panels, distribution panels, remote panels, lighting panels, etc., and “other” switches/disconnects should simply be referred to as switches, disconnects, breakers, etc.

So the service equipment is the FP with a 200 amp service disconnect, and the distribution (sub) panel has a 200 amp disconnect. There is nothing to note about that type of set up.

You’ve taught me well. :wink:

Handle ties are required to be identified by the NEC: