Tie Down Straps For A Mobile Home

You should read my post again.

Are you going to know if the proper rod was used? Stabilizer bars? Do you know the proper angles for installation? Do you know how many straps are needed?

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I do these all the time, HUD, FHA, and VA do require an Engineer cert. for new and re-fi. Federal, not state specific. I have never heard of an insurance co. asking for this, if someone has info sign me up. I have had many problems with Hayman, You are not allowed to say anything to the client. They want the fee to see no tie-downs then a re-inspect fee after they are in. They also send a quote of over $2,000 for installation by a local contractor. I will still do them if they have found the job, but don’t like it. I am connected with https://www.foundationcerts.com , A PE out of Klamath falls. We call before going out to find out if there are tie-downs as Oregon does not require, them but FED does. I work with the lenders to provide this service and get paid more than Hayman.

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I used to do these for an engineer and and there are a lot of components to be examined and a lot of variables to be considered in Florida. Suffice it to say that HI’s can inspect the home but should defer any foundation issues or commentary to an enginner. On a conventional loan or cash sale there is no requirement for an engineers certification but FHA does require it and the inspector should meet all state qualifications or may be liable for a fine if he issues a report which is deemed to certify the support and tie down system. These older mobile homes and the manner in which they have been constructed almost (unless retrofitted) never even come close to the current code and FHA loans require them to be compliant with the newest code. The codes take into consideration wind speeds and the acceptable tie down system even varies with location due to that.

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Hi Nick, I know this thread is from a while ago but is there any clarity on this? Was there a course developed to allow home inspectors in FL to do the tie-down inspections? Is there a nachi form to do the inspections on?


It requires an engineer.
If you want to do them contact Hayman or Harrison engineering and get on there list.
You will do the field work for the engineer.