Mobile Home Tie down report

I was requested to provide an inspection on the Mobile Home Tie-down for insurance. Would anyone know what form is necessary to complete this inspection in Florida? Where can I find it online? Whats the typical fee charged for this service?

I have never done one but I know guys around here do. I would first find out how they must be tied down.

Tie-Down (Anchor) Requirements

In Florida, all mobile homes are required to be tied down in accordance with the specifications provided by the manufacturer. In the case of a used home, and in the absence of the manufacturer’s tie down instructions, the home must be tied down in accordance with the specifications provided in Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles specifications Rule Chapter 15C-1, Florida Administrative Code.

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You may need to be licensed or be an engineer.

As has been stated, you have to be a Florida licensed mobile/manufactured home installer, or work for an engineering firm to issue a stamped tie down report/inspection.

It won’t help for this job, but you can research your options for the next one with this engineering firm:


You have to be an engineer or have one sign off.
I do a couple every week.