Tif 8800

Got one off Ebay. Not sure I lilke it. Is the clicking tone supposed to slowly drop in speed?

Yes, it should go to a steady but consistent pace. As it finds a gas it will wail. If you would like to see the difference, go out to your propane tank for your grill and turn on the 8800 let it get to a steady tone and then open your propane valve up and listen for the difference.

Here is a link to the manual in case you do not have one.

Thanks for the Manual!!

I cracked open a flex line joint at the furnace (its in the garage) and tried to have the unit sniff it. It worked but seemed like the tone changed just in motion/moving it around also but when it hit gas it wailed.

I have occassionally noticed that when moving mine around. When I find leaks I try and reconfirm it a couple times to make sure it is not a false reading. In every case so far I have been able to make it react in the same spot multiple times. Whereas the false readings or tone changes are not reproducable.

It is designed to have different tones, otherwise it would be impossible to pinpoint the exact source of leak. The control knob allows you the operator to change the sensitivity settings. If you will notice it takes a few seconds to warm up. You can get someone who is trained to show how it works. That would be more beneficial to you to have that kind of hands on rather than have me or anyone else try to explain it to you online. Its a good piece of equipment. One piece of advise, you will eventually have to replace the batteries. They are NiCad rechargable “C” cell batteries. You can pay 30+ dollars for their replacements or go buy regular rechargables for about 1/4 of that. I have found them to be basically the same battery, no better no worse. Hope you got a good deal on Ebay.