Tiff Gas Detector Problems?

I have a Tiff 8850. It’s < 2 years old. Already sent it off for repair once and now I have to do it again. The audible alarm seems to die. Gets very low in tone and is garbled. The last repair, it took about 2 months to get it back from the repair facility. Anyone else had a problem with Tiff? I don’t think I’d buy another one.

I’ve had my 8850 for over 4 years with no problems. I think I will need to replace the batteries soon as it used to hold a charge for a month or longer, now maybe 2 weeks or so. When my batteries begin to get low the audible becomes low & garbled as well.

concur, sounds like a battery issue
i fully discharged mine and recharge
no more issues since

I charged it overnight, still a muffled tone and the red lights don’t max out when I turn the sensitivity dial all the way up.

Joe, fully discharge before recharging

i left mine on for at least 2 hours after any audible or visual signal was apparent

then fully recharge overnite

Called Tif today. They diagnosed it over the phone as needing a new detector tip. Cost me about $40 for a new tip, which they describe as a consumable item not designed to last more than about 90 days.

WHAT!:shock: I have been using mine for about a year now, no problems. I hope they are wrong about that. Do you have to send it in to get that replaced, or will they send you the part and you can do it?

Hi , I’m new here . There seems to be a continual uphill learning
curve with HI.
I have a TIF8800 , For a simple home test of the unit , does methane
gas have the same effect on sound as natural or propane gas ?
I did say a simple test. Any comment? :roll:

The tip pulls right out. The test, they told me, is to remove the tip and turn the unit on. If it does crazy with the tip out, it’s a bad tip. They mail it to you. Costs about $10 in UPS shipping for something that weighs about like a pencil. :frowning: