tif 8800

does anyone have an online source for replacement batteries?



Just last month I ordered 2 new batteries for $24.64 and a new sensor tip for $17.76. With shipping and handling everything was $51.12 at NTXTools.

Wow, I’ve had mine for 7 years and its still kicking with original factory parts.

Mine seems to never need charging.

Hmmm guess I better check,as I have not smelled gas lately.

Robert be aware that new sealant will set it off when inspecting and your nose is the first clue.

Does it still beep? :wink:

Mine lasted over 5 years before needing new batteries. Some recommend replacing the sensing tip every 12-18 months depending upon usage.


i left it in my truck for about 3 weeks and the battery went completely dead, i think i fried it. I attempted to recharge and the battery light is weak and the ticking cant be turned all the way off.

That’s ok Mike.
I can be like that guy from Police Academy and just point as I go Beep-Beep-Beep.
Preceded by a radar sound of course.