Tiger Woods Joke of the Day

Tiger will be retiring from golf and his lovely wife will have her own contract with NIKE as the owner of the only clubs to have ever beaten Tiger Woods.

Tiger has 10 of 11 cars, but only a Hole in One.

Tiger said he is going to take an “indefinite” break from professional golf. However, he will still try to get in a few holes.

Phil Michelson phoned Tigers wife and asked her for advice on how to beat him.

What’s the difference between a Nike golf ball and a 2009 Escalade?

Tiger can drive a golf ball 300 yards without hitting a tree.

How does Tiger get it in the hole?

When his wife isn’t around.

Commemorative Mistress Plates

The Tiger Woods Anthem](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxJYAOYngCw&feature=player_embedded)

Tiger and Elin have signed a new prenuptual agreement. According to the new contract, the next time Tiger plays a round, Elin will hand him his balls.

Where is Steve in all this?

I heard Tiger’s wife is a 19

That’s a 10 with a nine iron

Did you hear Nike’s new motto?

Just do me.

Tiger Woods simply isn’t into the “hole-in-one” nowadays.

Replacing the divots :shock:

Whats the difference between Tiger and Santa? Santa stops at 3 “ho’s”.

Why isn’t this racist hate garbage posted in the NFE section? :roll::roll::roll:

I haven’t seen race brought into any one of the jokes posted here Ken. :-({|=

Ken… please say it isn’t so… Tiger is black???

You’re so screwed up man :wink:


I am confused LOLOL

That section is too full of A-Holes telling everyone about their special relationship with Jesus.:stuck_out_tongue: