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Post: Tiger Woods “Seriously Injured”…
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Posted by: ldapkus
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Get a friggin life. You can’t tell me that the NLC didn’t marry for money. She is getting exactly what she deserves.

Leah please read the rules , Moderation for a member would have to go to the esop committee Moderators only look after non members post

Greg, you’re so mean. You tramp.:stuck_out_tongue:

Leah - The “Not For Everyone” Forum is where racially and sexually biased members have felt free to expose their prejudices for a long time. You are free to laugh and make fun of them as many do or, as most do, simply ignore them.

Jim, the remark wasn’t placed in the “Free For Everyone” thread initially. Regardless Linas has issues and the things he says for one is just stupid and makes himself sound uneducated. I tried talking to him however he thinks his business is untouchable. So I’m done, however, I think if NACHI wants to keep a professional image they need to remove remarks like this plus it could IMO be a breach of the COE. Lea it’s up to you however if you want this investigated you have to file a COE complaint. Start with Joe Farsetta.

I do believe she had alot of money before him “she’s a pro golfer” however I could be wrong.

But we see that YOU post sexually bias post everywhere and
sit on the ESOP at the same time.

Members are not moderated. If you think the member is in violation of the COE or SOP, please bring it up with the ESOP Committee.

Nope. Although she was a “model”, she was working as a nanny for a pro golfer when she met Tiger.

I see thanks for clearing that up.

Thanks again for your unsolicited input moron. Kiss my a s s.

OK, what does NLC mean? I have not idea.

Next Level Communications;)

Get off! You must get offended every time you go out for a cup of coffee.
I find it offensive every time someone feels offended by a remark not personally directed et them.

Libs may lurk here, but this is not the place for womens lib.

This may explain some of the poor guys problems.

This is the place for womens lib as much as it is for RWNJs.

Poor Tiger Woods admits ‘This situation is my fault’]( But Gambling911 is by far a more reliable source than any MSN media. :roll:

I have found this to be a good source of unbiased news reporting.:wink:

I get the feeling that it is more vile than that.