Tiger Woods "Seriously Injured"...

I don’t insult people, that’s just your misinterpretation of my statements.:wink:

I heard his wife got him out of the car by using a golf club on the rear window. I don’t know what else she used it for.:roll:

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Tiger Statement

Still working on his story?

For 3rd time, Woods cancels meeting with police
Nov 29 03:08 PM US/Eastern

What does this junk have to do with inspecting? It needs to be in the NFE section!

I think she hit him with the golf club in the face and Tiger crashed his car intentionally to provide a cover story for the injury.

Wow Ken i agree with you this time LOLOL
But then again that would be making a decision what is appropriate and what is not ( i believe that would be censorship). And i know how you feel about moderation .

I will pray for you Ken and then I will contact my congressman about Obamamohama.

You know why I had to say it Wayne. :wink:

You may be right!


That just aint right…

What is really sad is that the media would rather report this crap versus
whats really going on with our failing economy and our sliding toward socialism.

The sad part is the media vultures drag his entire family thru the mud just because they can!

Ah, the real story comes to light. It is all about the pre-nup.


I think Nick may be right; as usual.

Poor Tiger apparently he drove his car so fast that his “member” was found inside another woman…damn accidents do happen

Dale that is hilarious. :wink:

Well, I’m glad he’s OK----:shock:



A billion dollars and a hot young blond like that. Why would any one want to jeopardize that?:shock:

He broke the golden rule, “if you are going to putt around make darn sure you putt with someone who has more to loose than you” I’m just sayin’:wink:

Idiots Frank…Idiots…multi-millionaire, and just think what this soon to be ex will be getting, oh, I bet she’ll get a WHOLE LOT of MONEY for that little mistake he made----:stuck_out_tongue:

Getting a Whole Lot of Money for a Very Long Time…Ole Champ will be paying dearly to ole my Dear—:stuck_out_tongue:

May end up with ole OJ someday, who knows…crazy *** people…