Time for a new water heater?

Today I found water in the drain pan below my electric water heater.

I sucked water out of the pan and decided to look at it with my thermal imaging camera to see where the source of the late was and how severe it was to determine urgency of replacement.

I came up with this thermal scan which views the top electric element and thermostat area of the water heater.

Should I be seeing a water leak at this location?

The water heater is pretty old and just last week us thinking how long it was since the last time I replaced it. Well beyond its projected lifespan according to the charts.

Looks like I will be hunting for a new water heater tomorrow…

It is a good thing bought one of those flir ones lollolol Dave

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That is heat and heat from the wires at the element.

Looks like a failure at the connection of the TPR (with no discharge pipe) and tank.

Typical electric water heater letting go around the heat elements.
Mine would let go two months after the warranty ran out. :slight_smile:

There we go. Someone answering the question!

Good consideration! But No.

I saw this and initially thought it was a leak. I was wrong.

Self," so what could this be?"

I didn’t notice that!

No, there is a plastic pipe installed.
I guess I tuned it out. (Don’t have the scan on this computer).

Guess that shows the T/P valve is not leaking! No?

Yup! This is the way it goes for me too!
That is why I was thinking about it last week.

Think about it, and it happens I guess. :wink:

Hint: I only saw this when I raised the camera above my head…


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Water tanks like this are easy to check .

Tired Tank.jpg

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