Time limits to sue for damage to property

This question keeps coming up.

Time limits to sue
You should know that, in many cases, you cannot sue after a certain period of time has gone by (the limitation period). The time limit depends on the reason for suing.

For general debt problems, such as contracts, loans, damage deposits and rent you must sue within two years from the time the debt began. An exception to this rule exists: if it has been stated in writing that the person knows the money is still owed, or if the person has paid part of the debt, the two-year limit starts when the debt was last acknowledged.

If you are suing for injuries or damages caused to yourself or your property (for example, assault, car accident, etc.), you must sue within two years of the injury or damages. If you wish to sue your own insurance company for failure to pay you as a result of an accident, you must do so within one year.

origin: http://albertacourts.ab.ca/ProvincialCourt/CivilSmallClaimsCourt/CivilClaimProcess/BeforeYouSue/tabid/179/Default.aspx

Fritz. The safety codes act prohibits suing the Code Inspectors, their supervisors and the municipally they work for and any agencies the municipally employs to do code inspections. So It looks to me like the Government’s plan is to transfer that onto the Home inspector by forcing us to buy huge amounts of insurance, bonding, and general liability and then forcing us to remove any clauses in our contracts that would limit our liability and any time limits for making claims from our contracts.

I think we are being made the patsy in all this.

good night.

If we specify in our contract that we are not code inspectors, and the gov’t is telling us that is what we are to do…how in the world can we be liable for missing a code violation that a gov’t code inspector missed.

Even the thick skulls in gov’t must see this…it’s just plain stupidity to say we would be liable after they missed it???

I left it my contract that I sent in for approval, we’ll see if they let me leave it in, or if they make me take it out.

Sent in all my info package to the Gov’t today by courier. Let her rip and see what transpires. Got my E&O and Liability and the 1 year bond from Kim at HUB. She was terrific and prices were excellent.

Even got 10% discount for being experienced and belonging to Nachi E&O 1.5mil /3mil agg was $2,205.00 Liability 2mil was $473.00 and $200.00 for the 1year 10,000.00 surety bond. Pretty decent in my books!

Kim is sending the paper work directly to Scott Hood to help speed up the process, rather than them sending it to me and then me sending it to them…just one less shuffle. We’ll see how it plays out?