Time to dump Apple stock?

I think so.

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Hopefully fewer than when I made this prediction.

LOL…That’s a good one.

Google map was the straw. Most snoozed to loose.

I sold most of mine at $700, well after Nick’s guidance. I still have a little bit left.

Of course I paid less than $100 so I haven’t exactly lost my shirt on what is still in my portfolio.

Nathan, you apparently have a pretty low opinion of us inspector types. Why would you assume that we are unlikely to own equity investments either directly or through mutual funds. Do you have disdain for the people that you peddle your wares to? I know I would never make such assumptions or comments regarding my clients, especially to their faces.

For that do we hear Oops?

Hard to say if it’s time to dump the wealthiest company in the world.
Polls say that one third of Americans want an iPhone! And thats just the US.

Besides I think the maps thing was overblown.

my 2 cents…

Precious metals have been dropping a bit with the fiscal cliff uncertainty.

AAPL investors were used to Steve Jobs “just one more thing.” No more Jobs. :frowning: isad.

The company would go on, but the spectacular returns may not be possible without a creative genius like Steve.

Gold has never been an investment, it’s a sell near $1800 for the next couple of years.

The apple is still falling.


Today’s client (software guy “C”) said he and his wife were getting rid of their i phones.

I’m with Bob. I don’t do iPhones.

I love my iPhone… but I think Apple has gone downhill since the passing of Jobs. They are not nearly as innovative and each new iPhone and iPad they release is not much different than the one before. I sat through a demo for the Surface at the Microsoft store and nearly pulled the trigger on that to replace my iPad. That thing looks pretty bad;)ss.

I also love that Nathan poses one harmless question and gets shat on for it… give the guy a break…

I do like the MacBook Air though. Awesome machine. Fell out of my truck onto pavement 20 times. Open it and it’s on. Super fast. No hard drive.

As predicted… SPLAT!

Chris .M must be devastated.

Apple’s last quarter revenue was the highest by any company in American history; and their stock dives. I blame it on the media, who broke the story about a Chinese company losing business of plastic windows for phones. Actually, blame it on them. It’s a great time to buy.

They are by no means washed up.

Eventually the fanbois get tired of replacing perfectly fine products for the latest and greatest.

Apple is not the only tech to suffer.

Device replacement cycles are getting longer as few have reason to buy megacore products that offer them little advantage.