Gold is below $1,500 right now. Buy the dips.

The dip won’t last long.

Uh hum

It’s been dipping since you turned bullish 2 months ago.

And so has APPLE

Timing the market is a ***** as they say.

Might as well toss a coin

I announced Apple’s high, even though I don’t own Apple and never will. But even Apple is going to go up with all the $ printing. You could buy the Apple dips too, but stocks don’t have the same advantages as PMs.

Gold is in correction territory and APPL still looks terrible since your last call.

You can’t sugar coat that

Gold in nominal dollars went down. So trade paper dollars for gold today. I measure everything in ounces of gold, not U.S. dollars.

Commodities are crashing around the world indicating poor economies.

Recovery looks to be a long way off.

Correct. Right now there is a race. If unemployment gets down before inflation goes up… the Fed can gently back off of the printing. However, if what I predict comes true, and inflation goes up before unemployment goes down, you’d better be out of paper and into something you can touch.

Good luck with that.

The Fed has run out of tools.

They are loosing the battle.

They are trying to pull a Japan. Have you seen the YEN lately after they announced massive and continuing easing?

Not working there(a nation of savers) and unlikely to work here(a nation of spenders).

Actually Apple took a better percentage gain over Android the last few months.
Windows is a fail and will eventually go away…sorry
Blackberry is dead .

Even Obama is in on it. His latest budget proposal doesn’t even slow spending until 2020! The FED has no choice but to cover his credit card bills. The whole world is printing paper. Did you know it costs as much to print a $100 bill as it does a $1 bill… that’s proof they are counterfeit.

Trade them for something you can touch: Raw land, businesses, heavy equipment, a vegetable garden, even home inspector brochures,… anything. Don’t hold paper.

Obama’s latest proposal softens the CPI calculation. Why? If inflation isn’t going up, why would he try to reconfigure the way it is calculated to slow it?

Post 21 Feb. 14, 2013

Chained CPI is a way to reduce benefit increases with what are suppose to be more realistic inflation adjusters.

They all know SS has to be fixed.

Medicare is the real problem. There is no fix on the table for that.

I got lucky calling the top of Apple, before it peaked. We’ll see if I predicted the bottom ahead of time.

SPIN spin spin

LUCK it was on the top APPL call

Luck left the room on the bottom call.

Like I said , a coin flip.

Nick, timing is a near impossible task.

You failed on both GOLD and APPL over the last 2 months.

I wonder how those who took your advice in early February feel?

Maybe luck… maybe not. I’m better at predicting the dips than the tops, but I smell the tops before the market. That’s why I buy dips… and sell whenever (that’s kind of my strategy).

How many people on the planet predicted the bottom of the stock market crash to the exact day? Maybe one person in the world did that:

Maybe luck, maybe not. I’m heading to my local coin store today with a briefcase full of little pieces of paper. The briefcase will weigh a lot more on my trip back. You come on here Monday afternoon and tell me if my trip there was stupid or brilliant. See ya Monday.



I’ll be crying next week or popping champagne bottles.

America will do what is always does when they don’t know what to do… invade & bomb something. :roll:

Below $1400/oz.

Do you need me to send you a towel?

Commodities still crashing. Better luck next time.

I’m crying… a little. What’s the next wave? … bitcoins?